The purpose of this web site

This web site is to link together these components of my life and help me to keep in touch with the world both professionally and personally.

Currently I'm running several Blogs and Photo Albums and using 2 email addresses which are, caz@xtraordinar.com.au my professional email address and carollyn@xtraordinar.com.au is my personal email address.

I was asked what I wanted to do on the internet and I said “everything”, but I don't know anything about computers.
I now know so much more than I did at the end of 2008, as Colin from www.ozol.net.au  has helped me to see that it's actually easy to get this all happening. I even have a Web Mail account attached to this domain. The hard part is deciding what to do and getting started and he says just "ask better questions".  There is plenty of help out there, a lot is actually on the net. Just type your question into the search engine, or phone a friend.


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