My art philosophy is...

to allow the discovery of ones own capacity and creativity. Everyone has the ability to be creative, it's just that conditioning during childhood has stifled much of their natural ability to intuatively create. By challenging ones belief system, giving  the freedom and the permission to make mistakes and to open  minds to endless possibilities,anything can  be created.

Life Changing Influences

Over the last several years I have done a great deal of personal development. I feel that these have all been of a great benefit to me my life, health and well being and have been instrumental in propelling me to levels of excellence in my life.

Gaining the confidence in many areas of my life and stepping into a new exciting world of self belief has been the catalyst for my recent move to create art on a full time basis. This is something that I have wanted to do all my life and have now taken the steps to achieve my dreams of exhibiting nationally and internationally.
I am happy to recommend the following organizations and pleased to take calls or emails on how I found them

  • Christopher Howard ( NLP functional training that equips you with the tools to use them in the real world)

  • Don Tolman ( a master of knowledge on whole foods as medicine, brain capacity and knowledge, questioning the establishment and answering unanswered questions. Looking at root causes for all problems )

  • XL Results ( a group of quality business people with a network of members from around the globe)

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