Monday, 11 March 2013

I LOVE YOU No.3 Baby Feeding and Proud New Parent

[caption id="attachment_925" align="aligncenter" width="540"]I LOVE YOU delivered onto the pavement outside of the OBH Cottesloe 10th Feb 2013- Found  by Matthew on the 11th Feb the following morning on the windscreen of his car. I LOVE YOU:  Baby Feeding was delivered onto the pavement outside of the OBH, Cottesloe  on 10th Feb 2013- It was found by Matthew on the 11th Feb the following morning on the windscreen of his car.[/caption]

That morning I received an email...from Matthew.

As fate would have it one of your paintings (Feeding baby) was left on my car windscreen at Cottesloe this morning - what a pleasant way to start the day!


Although............ I can’t believe you would leave one of your “children” to the mercy of fate – anyway he/she has found a safe place to live!!

I responded to this heartfelt statement...

THANK YOU for responding so positively to your randomly received gift.
Yes..... I understand your fear for my 'children'... but I feel that my babies have grown up and they are ready to go out alone. I have faith in the fact that they will all find their own way into the hearts of the right people. I seem to be I not?

Great adoption photo!

Email reply...

 I thought I might share a bit more of a story regards your painting left on my car “with love”.

 On Sundays  I have a little routine which sees me having breakfast at Barchetta’s (Cottesloe) , as part of my weekly motorcycle ride.

 On the day in question I decided to take my car as it was going to be too hot for riding the bike.

 My point being that it was quite significant that I received the painting at all. If I was on the bike I would have been parked in a different spot, and in any event,  it would be unlikely that the painting would have been left on the motorcycle.

 One wonders at the significance of the sequence of events which led to me being the recipient of the painting.


Mmmmmmm....I wonder too...


Matthew is now doing  painting workshops with me in May...and I look forward to meeting and working with him...

I wonder which painting will surface next???? I can't wait...



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