Wednesday, 20 February 2013


During the past several years, I have been traveling and moving house quite a bit. In each move, I have been letting go of the things that I have out-grown, but somehow  the paintings that I have done over the years have accumulated, some I have sold and others have stayed with me or been stored in boxes in garages all over Perth. I took them to market and some went to fine homes. The others are now wanting to find someone who will love them and put them out for the world to see instead of sitting in a dark box in a dusty garage.

The little boy in the movie "Pay it Forward" inspired me to do something that would be of pleasure for others, so, that's when I decided to share my paintings with the world. On the back of each painting I placed a photocopy of a blue heart

that said "I  LOVE YOU"

If you love me...

Then take me home,

I'm yours for free,

And if you don't,

Leave me for someone who will...

My mum's home is


Each painting is randomly placed out on a footpath anywhere I go.

All I have asked in return is a photo of my "child" in its new environment...

with its new owner or not...and permission to share it on my website and Facebook...



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