Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I LOVE YOU - NO. 2 Huggs for the 'Sign'


This is a very special story that came from dropping off a painting on the foreshore at Mends St in South Perth 27th January 2013.

I received this email from Jo, one day after I placed it on the footpath, near a ticket dispensing machine...


Huggs for the 'Sign'

I want to say Thank You for the sign!  I believe in Signs of the spiritual kind and perhaps this is one.


You don’t know me…but I walk around the River most mornings around 5am with a girl friend and her dog.

We are forever picking up some of the rubbish which is left behind on our beautiful foreshore as we walk along.


This morning to my surprise I picked up a sign with ‘I Love You’ on it and my friend said how appropriate it was that I had found this piece.

It was near the children’s playground South Perth Jetty lying close to a bin.

 I brought it back to work with me this morning, when I had my glasses on and I could see your contact details.


I wanted to let you know that your piece was a lovely sign and has gone to a good home.

I also was interested in your website and checked it out.

I would like to talk to you about joining my Mom in your art classes.

She is nearly ‘75’ years young and has always loved art and crafts and is a very creative lady.

But all her creativity and joy were silenced when her beautiful daughter / my sister was murdered 17 years ago.


I thought perhaps your classes may encourage her passion again and bring back that light in her eyes.


Anyway would love to hear from you when you have time.


Stay happy healthy and safe.



How cool is this picture...and story... :-)  My painting which is a preliminary sketch of a water crystal, for a large painting called 'Gratitude'  has found a very loving home, hanging with many other beautiful messages of love and gratitude...THANK YOU JO ....

Who will be the next wonderful person to rescue and adopt one of my 'babies'... will it be you?

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