Saturday, 5 May 2012

UPDATE: Transcending the Limits of Thought Workshops

Change of location and date details for

Co-Facilitated workshops By Antoni Daniel & Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson.

Accessing and utilizing intuitive abilities through the processes of creativity, communication and expression.

These workshops will assist you to deconstruct and remove outdated thought patterns and obstacles that prevent you from accessing the unique abilities and understandings you house within.

Through the mediums of paint and colour you will be guided to explore the motion of creation, observe and experience processes of decision making and witness how and where intuition and feeling can outperform thought and knowing within your life.


Monday Evenings 7-10pm,

6 sessions commencing 4th June- 9th July 2012

Atwel Community Art Centre, 586 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, WA.

$80 per session or $360 early bird special when paid in full by 28th May.

For further information and secure your position, please contact us

Antoni  m: 0459506156  e:


Carollyn  m: 0421523464  e:


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