Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kerry Silins Painting Tutor Testimonial : 2009 Parmelia Hilton

I met Carollyn when she was an Artist in Residence at the Parmelia Hilton Perth. I worked in the building. She agreed to facilitate art classes for myself and two of my colleagues.

I am an art novice and had never worked with acrylics. Her method of painting appealed to me.
During our lunchtime sessions we learn't the following:

The primary colours and how to mix them to create all other colours
Complimentary colours
Methods of applying colours to different surfaces eg canvas, paper, board
How to use the painting in layers to create depth
How to create and use stencils in an interesting way
How to use everyday items to apply the paint eg grass, sponges, sticks, straws, scourers, string etc
How to allow the paint to do its own thing. Let go of control.
What impressed me most was Carollyn’s ability to:
Provide easy instruction by showing, explaining and doing
Let your own creativity take its course
Make minor suggestions to greatly improve the look of the paintings
Allow the paint to transfer your emotions onto canvas and provide feedback in a non judgemental manner.
Carollyn’s relaxed and easy going manner made my first exploration into painting a very pleasing one. I was amazed at how emotional it could be to just let go and let the paint create the painting. It was also very liberating. I was surprised how people saw something different in my paintings and did not see them as amateur. In seven weeks we completed 4 canvases, many other paintings on paper and Xmas cards.
The course has encouraged me to continue pursuing painting in my own time and to develop my own style.If the classes were more regimented I would not have the confidence to develop a style of my own.
The exploration into colours and different ways to paint was an experience in itself with the final products being a bonus.
We are trying to arrange further classes with Carollyn as the possibilities within our creativity and artwork now seem endless.
Thank you Carollyn

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sarah Horton’s Testimonial

[caption id="attachment_427" align="alignnone" width="214" caption="Sarah Hortons Portrait"][/caption]
I joined the lunchtime workshops in my Parmelia House Studio in November 2009.
The classes were lots of fun.
When I was young I was pretty good with sketching and a little painting…Over the years I have let those skills slip away. Each time I have thought to take up art again, I have given up in frustration because I cannot easily do what I once could.  I lack the skill and more importantly the inspiration…
Carollyn showed me how;
To stop staring at a blank page in failure and to just paint.
To get colour and shape and movement onto the canvas and see where it leads me!
Days of procrastination are gone.
My old skills will return with practice and I can still create in the mean time.
Thanks Carollyn.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Painting Surfaces

Painting surfaces are varied which makes acrylic painting so exciting.When starting painting, choose cheaper varieties and as you progress then purchase more expensive types. Qualities vary greatly as do the results. The old saying "you get what you pay for" definately applies here. The cheeper stretched canvases are often very plastic on the surface so the paint will not adhere to the surface. They are al

Voice healing with Debra Lee

I have recently recorded live with Debra Lee, my first healing CD called "One Voice Carillion".At the same session, she also recorded "Pure Voice."

The following words are from Debra who invited me to sing with her.

The intent for this amazing experience was:
• to let people know they can sing. We all have different sounds
• love and believe in yourself
• speak and sound your truth with love

This will bring to your life inner peace, health, balance, harmony and release.

People who have relaxed and listened to Pure Voice feel that it has helped with so many emotional issues, physical pain has disappeared and properties have had amazing space clearings.
Enjoy listening in a quiet environment, please do not play whilst driving.

I believe everything happens for a reason and everything happens in the perfect moment. This wonderful experience came about one night, actually at 3am in the morning. These are the words that came to me: "Open your heart to the voice within". Healing with voice helps change people on all levels of their being. Belief systems, childhood programming and DNA cellular memory".

The next incredible experience I had happened to me when I was walking singing along the beach as I do. I started singing so fast, it mesmerized me, then I had this amazing surrendering feeling and I felt I was singing faster than sound, only thing was I wasn't singing English anymore. These strange sounds came out of my mouth. This feeling was the most extraordinary sense of being I had ever experienced.

Voice started coming through my bodywork on a deep healing level. I am now living my passion and blessed with helping people through healing with divine voice.

Debra also sings spontaneously her healing vibrations on the words on the Tahirih Alive CD,
which is now available at

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Tip

My early inspiration

As a child I was raised in the small country town of Lake King.

I had many hours playing in the bush either by myself or with my big brother Steve and my sister Val. We would walk through the bush on the rubbish tip dirt track that wound its way past a large gnarled and deformed gum tree,we named the "tit "tree because of its huge breast like growth protruding from its front. I love to rummage through old tips that have layers of the past poking through the newer loads.

Rusting camp pie tins, spring keyed wind back sardine tins, miners lanterns, shrivelled leather boots, dried animal skeletons, broken pieces of blue dynasty ceramic cups and plates, rusting inner spring bed bases, the chassy of a racing green model T Ford truck, with the shiny front fender buckled and twisted, the domed, heavy bonnet, open like a whales mouth waiting to be fed.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Driftwood Winery - Exhibition

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Driftwood Winery - we have placed a selection of 20 mixed works of art, (most being done during my 5 month Artist in residency at the Parmelia Hilton) into this beautiful Winery Restaurant in Margaret River. Call in if you're there, taste some wine, have a great meal and enjoy the art.
Click on the picture to see more.